GrandPhone Senior Launcher

【免費個人化App】GrandPhone Senior Launcher-APP點子

A simple launcher with big font, colorful icons for anyone who has difficultly with using smartphones.A Fast and simple Android interface


• Your new home screen


GrandPhone senior phone launcher is specifically designed for seniors, the visually impaired and anyone who has difficultly with using smartphones. This user-friendly interface provides maximum readability and simple use with large fonts and big buttons. You can access all functions of smartphones through a simple interface. There is no room for confusion.


• Large icons and big fonts


【免費個人化App】GrandPhone Senior Launcher-APP點子

Large and color icons are easily seen and distinguished. They are controlled by single touches - no place for errors.

The size of font can be changed into huge, large, middle and small. Choose the best one according to your situation.


• Well-Organized Contacts


Recognize the people in your contacts with their photos. You can see your three loved ones on home screen and call them directly. İt is possible to add more people in your favorite list.


• Access to Applications

【免費個人化App】GrandPhone Senior Launcher-APP點子

You can add your applications to your favorite list by using a star. Access to your favorite apps is even easier.


• For elderly and kids


Big battery , signal indicator and direct dialing of their favorite contacts are advantages for old people. Colorful buttons and big texts are enjoyable for kids.


• For Free


【免費個人化App】GrandPhone Senior Launcher-APP點子

You can have this user-friendly interface totally for free. Download now and start using.

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【免費個人化App】GrandPhone Senior Launcher-APP點子

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