Try to land both ships on their respective platform in this arcade gravity flyer.

The basic concept behind the game is: What if the game developers back in the days of consoles such as the Vectrex had had access to modern physics engines?


-50 levels (25 included for free, the rest can be unlocked from within the game as an in-app purchase)

-Real 2D physics, simulated using jBox2d (same as Angry Birds)

-Grab and lift boxes (and the other ship)

-Advanced damage system that will keep things interesting to the end

-Map physical keys if you have them, otherwise touch controls are fine, even if you don't have multitouch (Xperia PLAY Optimized)


-Controls can be inverted, if you prefer to press on the side of the thruster you want to fire, rather than on the side to which you want the ship to turn

-Autohover system, if you switch ships while in the air, the ship will autohover until you repossess control of it

-Social features using Swarm

Swarm features:

-Online leaderboards


-Connect to your friends to filter scoreboards showing only you and your friends

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Possible issues:

At the moment, if you change the orientation option to "Auto", beware that every time you change your device' orientation, the game will be reset and go back to the title screen.

If you have a lower end phone, feel free to try the game out, when you get to level 25 you will have encountered levels with plenty of physics in them, and there will not be any levels after that that are much worse, physics wise.

There are three options if you end up upside down, Restart level, self destruct, or (and most fun) use the other ship to lift it up. Grab button is upper left corner, hold it for 5 secs to self destruct.


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