Grenade Bang 3D

【免費模擬App】Grenade Bang 3D-APP點子

Grenade Bang 3D - the best application for all who like listening to weapon sounds and grenade explosions! Amazing machine guns game are good for kids and adults. However, If you want to be in the centre of annoying noise entertainment — provide realistic weapon sounds. Make fun of your friends with new application Grenade Bang 3D!

How To Play: Use your smartphone like a real grenade: arm it, shake it and throw it to your friends. They will hear a real sound of explosion and will be scared. Have a good time!

Grenade Bang 3D Features:

【免費模擬App】Grenade Bang 3D-APP點子

- Perfect application to joke your friends: fear them with grenade sound

- Excellent and realistic sounding

- Easy-to-use: just shake and throw your smartphone

【免費模擬App】Grenade Bang 3D-APP點子

Download Grenade Bang 3D and make fun of your friends and fellows!

【免費模擬App】Grenade Bang 3D-APP點子

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