WITH A BETTER OUTLOOK AND MUCH MORE FEATURES, THE FINDER IS NOW AVAILABLE : Chromecast, UPnp,DLNA,SAMBA, http server mp3 playing, and much much more ... for less than 4,80 mo :

( !!!!

FREE and illimited access to millions of songs and albums !!

Watch thousands of video cips, and listen to millions of albums, with this little Web application.

Groovy is a full featured music oriented web application with :

- 3 tabs (right drawer)

- bookmarks.

- browse history.


- plugins.

- autosaved searches (left drawer).

In two seconds, search for an artisit in Grooveshark, his clips on Youtube, and get the lyrics of his songs.

- fast lookup for albums and songs from grooveshark.

- fast lookup for videos clips in youtube, vimeo.

- fast lookup for artist page in wikipedia.

- fast lookup for lyrics.

- fast search for streaming radio.


- fast search for jamendo.

Among the plugins added in this version :

- add little postits

- backup your prefered web pages for offline use (artist page on wikipedia, lyrics of the songs).

- take screenshot, or picture of your prefered artist on google image, and eventually modify them.

- fullscreen mode.

- change the orientation.

- define a browsing list.


- change/reload tab content at a particular time in the day.

- add your own music search places...

- rapidly share/send pages with other, on facebook, google+, twitter..

Things to know :

- the list are expandable, clicking on the icon on the right make a toolbox appear.

- on the left panel, the items you "colored" won't disappear, when clicking the yellow cross.

- when a green button is toggled (to red), the item is unactivated (note removed). This is true, for the plugins, the search engines, or the bookmarks.

- the red tab in the right drawer, implies a reload of the other tabs (dangerous if you are currently listening to a grooveshark playlist on the first tab), it's currently either a bug or an android limitation..


- double tap brings up the gallery view, from where you can access your notes, links, archives, shots...

WITH A BETTER OUTLOOK AND MUCH MORE FEATURES, THE FINDER IS NOW AVAILABLE : chromecast, upnp,dlna,samba, http server mp3 playing, and much much more (for just 5 mo) !!!!


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