Group Guess - Baby Shower

【免費休閒App】Group Guess - Baby Shower-APP點子

Game play for "Group Guess - Baby Shower" is similar to the Taboo group game, but with words dedicated to baby showers.

To play, groups should be divided into two teams. Team A selects a clue giver from their team who will attempt to get his or her team members to guess the main word at the top of each card without using any of the forbidden words below. Imagine trying to get your team to guess the word "Wipes," but you must describe it without using the words Diaper, Change, Wet, Poop or Clean.

Once the main word is guessed, another card appears and the team tries to collect as many cards as they can in the allotted time. If the clue giver says one of the forbidden words, the team will not be credited for that word.

After time expires, a player from Team B becomes the clue giver for their team. Teams alternate play until either team gets to a predetermined score, or until everyone has had a chance to be the clue giver.

You can play with the Baby Shower cards, a standard set of cards, or a combination of both. There are plenty of cards to play, and the cards will not repeat until ALL the cards have been played. You will enjoy playing all of these great words with friends.

Other features include:

- A point is lost for skipping cards or getting buzzed.

【免費休閒App】Group Guess - Baby Shower-APP點子

- Score can be corrected at the end of each turn, in case an incorrect button is pressed during game play.

【免費休閒App】Group Guess - Baby Shower-APP點子

- Absolutely NO ads.

【免費休閒App】Group Guess - Baby Shower-APP點子

- Free lifetime upgrades as new words are added.

This baby shower game is not associated with Hasbro's Taboo product, and is not specifically a baby shower taboo app.

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【免費休閒App】Group Guess - Baby Shower-APP點子

【免費休閒App】Group Guess - Baby Shower-APP點子

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