Grouping is a free and fast mobile messenger to RAPIDLY create groups and start conversations beyond your phone contacts, all in less than 60 seconds.

*** What can I do with Grouping? ***

Grouping is designed for one purpose - to create rapid fast groups and start communication INSTANTLY. You can do it FASTER than any instant messenger. Hundreds of users can start to communicate within a minute through Grouping without losing the privacy of phone numbers.

*** How do I start a new group? ***

It is easy. Just enter a description of the purpose of group and a name of the group. That's it. The members of your group will join this group and start to communicate. All this happens SUPERFAST in less than a minute.

*** How do I participate in discussion with a group that is already created? ***

Just search for the group name and join it. Not only you can start communication, but you will be able to see past conversations of that group.

*** How is Grouping different from WhatsApp or other similar Instant Messengers ***

WhatsApp and the likes require an administrator to create the group and manage the members by adding the phone numbers. For you to be part of group, the administrator needs to add your number to it and thus phone numbers of all members are compromised in other messengers.

Grouping is purpose built for rapid group creation and communication. There are no administrators or owner of groups. Anyone can create a group and others can immediately start communicating on it without disclosing their mobile phone numbers. What is interesting is that you can have multiple devices and yet be connected to the same ID and conversations.

*** Features ***

- Browse through communication within groups and participate in conversations.

- Search, Join and Unjoin groups

- Login through Google, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn

*** Example Applications of Grouping ***


- Within Housing Groups

- Ad-hoc communities

- Neighborhood Watch


- Classes and Schools


- Departments and Universities

- Tuitions and Colleges

- Project Groups


- Company Internal

- Customer Support

- With Customers

- With Partners


- Product focused groups

- Loyal users and fans


- Citizen Services

- Voice of Citizen Platform

- Airport, Flights, Trains

- Disaster Recovery, Help groups


- Hospitals, Malls, Shops


- Customer Services Operations

Grouping is becoming very popular within schools. Examples of groups within a class are between:

- Students of a class

- Students and head-teacher of a class

- Every teacher and students of a class

- Every teacher and every parent for a class

- All teachers of a class

- Parents of students within a class

- Ad-hoc circles / groupings within a class


- Teachers of every section / subject

- Alumni groups for every year

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