Guardian Angel

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Protect your loved ones, without worrying about distance. In case of an EMERGENCY you just need to click the "power button" four times to secretly generate an alert for HELP.

Our Guardian Angel Free App is a total family protection and Emergency SOS system.

Multiple Contacts SMS Alerts

【免費生活App】Guardian Angel-APP點子

Email Alerts

Optional Continuous Monitoring

Online system with user registration

【免費生活App】Guardian Angel-APP點子

Guardian Protection Circle

Full control over all the options

False Alarm Notification Feature

【免費生活App】Guardian Angel-APP點子

Pin Code protection to prevent children from changing the settings.

Complete Help with video tutorials

Privacy protection

Guardian Circle lets you put a protection circle around your loved ones; it can be switched on/off right from the online APP under your control. You have the option to choose a center point, distance in meters and it will get activated on your loved one's smart phone. Whenever they leave the circle, you will get notifications via SMS and Email. This feature becomes significantly helpful when your loved ones are away from home, on a road trip, at friends’ or on vacations.

Guardian Angel is truly a Family Protection and HELP system.

Our Online Guardian Angel System allows you to see your loved ones last known location, and previous 30 days trend and movement, which become very helpful in case of an accident or disappearance. This App lets you put the Guardian Circle of protection around them.

Privacy and Choices

【免費生活App】Guardian Angel-APP點子

Everything is optional. You have an option to switch on/off everything the system can do.

You can:

Track your loved ones’ location online

【免費生活App】Guardian Angel-APP點子

Alerts, email, both or none

Switch on/off GPS, (Enabled by default)

Switch on/off Guardian Circle right from our Online Guardian Angel System

【免費生活App】Guardian Angel-APP點子

Change Guardian numbers to whoever you want and also the email for SOS alerts

In App feedback and suggestion system

All you have to do is; download our free Family Protection App and create an online account. Just remember to tell your loved ones to click the power button FOUR TIMES OR MORE in case of EMERGENCY or whenever they need HELP.

For questions, ‘how to’ and more… visit our website at

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【免費生活App】Guardian Angel-APP點子

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