Guess The Football Players

【免費體育競技App】Guess The Football Players-APP點子

hallenge yourself and test your knowledge to see if you deserve to be a football geek or just another average seasonal football fan. Test your pictorial memory to see how many of soccer players, current and classic ones you know about.

More than 100 players -


★ Barclays Premier League

★ UEFA Champions League

★ UEFA Europa League

★ F.A. Cup

★ Capital One Cup

★ Arsenal

★ Liverpool

★ Manchester United

【免費體育競技App】Guess The Football Players-APP點子

★ Newcastle

★ Liga BBVA

★ Chelsea

★ German Bundesliga

★ Barcelona

★ Real Madrid

★ AC Milan

★ Inter Milan

and others!

To make it even more challenging the moment you select a wrong answer your game is over while on the other hand you can skip a question if you can't remember a certain player for the moment and the question will reappear randomly if you manage to continue your game by answering the next questions correctly.

To put a cherry on top you can share your score with your friends on twitter and facebook to compare your football knowledge with them.

【免費體育競技App】Guess The Football Players-APP點子

The simplicity and interactive options will hook you on for hours, enjoy and please rate our app if you like it.

【免費體育競技App】Guess The Football Players-APP點子

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