Guess the artist!

【免費益智App】Guess the artist!-APP點子

Do you know the authors of the most famous paintings and sculptures of the world?

Can you tell apart Picasso from Van Gogh? And Monet from Velazquez?

Test yourself and enjoy the most beautiful masterpieces.

Play it by yourself or with friends. And have fun!


- +150 paintings

【免費益智App】Guess the artist!-APP點子

- Leaderboards and Achievements

- 2 languages: English and Spanish and more to come

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【免費益智App】Guess the artist!-APP點子

NOTE: We are still optimizing the game's layout for some devices. Please, let us know if you find texts or buttons at a non optimal size (and your device), so we can take a look into it. There is an in-app feedback button (courtesy of but you can also write to our email. Thank you in advance!

【免費益智App】Guess the artist!-APP點子

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