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This unofficial guide for Watch Dogs is a sheer repository of knowledge about this action game, which is meant to help the player complete all of its main and side missions, as well as experience all of the attractions waiting for him in the virtual Chicago. The entire guide has been divided into three voluminous parts. The first one constitutes a game guide, whose primary aim is to explain all of the most important aspects of Watch_Dogs. Further in this guide, there has been information on combat, hacking, using vehicles, escaping police pursuits, traveling around the city and starting successive missions. included. Apart from that, the text brings up the issues of crafting (creating new items), unlocking new abilities and obtaining achievements. The second part of this guide is a very detailed walk-through for all the main and side missions. Descriptions of each mission include hints that will prove helpful at completing the missions received, in the least problematic way. The final, third, part focuses on collectibles, as well as on attractions available throughout Chicago (with e.g. investigations and all sorts of mini-games, among them). Watch_Dogs is an action-adventure game, whose main protagonist is Aiden Pearce. During the game, you will be exploring the streets of Chicago During the game, you will exploring the streets of Chicago, you will spend lots of time hacking into electronic systems and stealing top secret information from others.

This guide for Watch Dogs includes:

A list of hints and information concerning the most important action elements of the game (combat, hacking, stealth, covers Aiden's abilities, etc.);

Hints on obtaining new means of transport, escaping police pursuits and crafting of new gadgets;

【免費書籍App】Guide Watch Dogs Action-APP點子

A detailed walk-through for all of the missions comprising the five main acts of the game;

A detailed walk-through for all the side missions of the game;

Descriptions of all the optional investigations;

【免費書籍App】Guide Watch Dogs Action-APP點子

Information on the whereabouts of all the collectibles;

Descriptions of all the types of available shops and mini-games

Information on all the activities required for the completion of the game in 100%;

【免費書籍App】Guide Watch Dogs Action-APP點子

A list of achievements, along with hints on how to obtain them.

Legal Notices:

This is NOT an Official Game or Guide. The name is the property of their respective owners. This is NOT a Cheat App, NOT an Official App. We made this App only as a FREE FAN APP with no cheats, only for those who wants to enjoy the Game. If there is any trademark or copyright violation that does not follow within the Fair Use, please contact us and we will immediately take action on it.

【免費書籍App】Guide Watch Dogs Action-APP點子

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