Guide to Day Spas

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There are many ways to achieve relaxation, health, healing and peace.

The spa experience, in its many forms and types, is one route towards achieving many of your goals. The day spa provides you with the chance to get away from a world in which the best way to describe the pace of life is “frenzied.”

Day spas provide an uplifting, healing and relaxing environment far from the maddening crowd and whirl of everyday life. To simply step out of the hustle and bustle of today's rapid-paced world for even a few hours can provide a refreshing experience.

【免費健康App】Guide to Day Spas-APP點子

Here is what you will discover inside:

# Why A Spa?

# What Is A Day Spa?

# What To Expect

# What To Look For

【免費健康App】Guide to Day Spas-APP點子

# Notable Day Spas All Over The World

# A Glossary Of Day Spa Terms

# All Spa-Ed Out

Going to a day spa is an adventure. Like many such occurrences, it can be spontaneous or the result of preparation.

【免費健康App】Guide to Day Spas-APP點子

Always keep in mind the purpose of your visit. If you wish to pamper yourself, consider going to a salon. If your focus is on improving your wellness, escaping from excess stress, tension or strife, go to a day spa.

【免費健康App】Guide to Day Spas-APP點子

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