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Best Beginner Guitar Lessons Course is focused on the absolute beginner who wants to learn how to play the guitar. It includes a series of free beginner guitar video tutorials that start from scratch and will have you playing your first song in only days.


• Over 32 lectures and 5 hours of content!

• Lots Of Beginner Guitar Lessons Video Tutorials

• Have You Playing Your Favorites Songs On Guitar Fast

• Teach You How To Play The Guitar The Right Way

• Have Fun While Learning To Play The Guitar


✔ Best Beginner Guitar Lessons Online

【免費教育App】Guitar Lessons-APP點子

✔ Most Asked Questions About Taking Beginner Guitar Lessons

✔ Parts Of The Guitar

✔ How To Choose The Proper Guitar Accessories

✔ My Tips For Choosing a Beginner Guitar

✔ How To Tune A Guitar

【免費教育App】Guitar Lessons-APP點子

✔ Learn My Secrets For Playing Guitar

✔ How To Take Proper Care Of Your Guitar

✔ Names Of Open Guitar Strings

✔ How To Play C Chord On Guitar

✔ How To Play G7 Chord On Guitar

【免費教育App】Guitar Lessons-APP點子

✔ How to Strum C and G7 Chords on Guitar

✔ How to Play The F Chord on Guitar

✔ How to Change Guitar Chords Quickly

✔ How To Play Strum Patterns On Guitar

✔ How To Play G Chord On Guitar

【免費教育App】Guitar Lessons-APP點子

✔ How To Play Jambalaya On Guitar -(Your First Song)

✔ How To Play Rhythm Guitar

✔ How to Play D Chord on Guitar

✔ How To Play A Chord on Guitar

✔ Learning Proper Finger Placement and Body Posture on Guitar

【免費教育App】Guitar Lessons-APP點子

✔ How to Play E Chord on Guitar

✔ How to Play A7 Chord on Guitar

✔ How to Play D7 Chord on Guitar

✔ How to Play Am -(Minor) Chord on the Guitar

✔ How to Play C7 Chord on Guitar

【免費教育App】Guitar Lessons-APP點子

✔ How to Play I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry - Hank Williams

✔ How to Play Em -(minor) Chord on Guitar

✔ Playing Guitar Chords In The Box

✔ How to Play E7 Chord on Guitar

✔ Boogie Woogie Guitar Lesson

【免費教育App】Guitar Lessons-APP點子

✔ How To Play Major Chords On A Guitar


• Lifetime access to 32 lectures

• 5+ hours of high quality content

• A community of 3000+ students learning together!

• Watch courses on the go: video lectures, audio lectures, presentations, articles and anything inside your course.

• Watch courses in offline: Save courses for offline viewing so you can watch them while you're on a plane or subway!

Instructed By : Guitar Instructor Sam Lyons

Sam has been playing guitar for over 40 years and teaching people of all ages beginner guitar lessons for 36 years. He have taught literally 1,000's of students how to play the guitar.

Install the "Guitar Lessons" app now and join over 4 million students who are already learning on Udemy.

【免費教育App】Guitar Lessons-APP點子

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