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If your device is full of virtual guitar apps and you want to discover something new in the sphere of guitar playing or you want to find rhythm guitar lessons app, Guitar Magic Play would be a perfect guitar playing app for you either you are a professional guitarist who are looking for guitar tuner or a beginner who want to know more about guitar chords and tabs.

HOW TO PLAY: You can choose a song and its tab notation and just tap the screen to play it by yourself, you can change the strumming speed and enjoy the perfect sounding. Feel like a professional while playing your personal guitar music at full speed

Guitar Magic Play guitar playing app features:

【免費音樂App】Guitar Magic Play-APP點子

Natural guitar sounds

Pocket guitar free

Guitar game for beginners and professionals

【免費音樂App】Guitar Magic Play-APP點子

Guitar Magic Play is your rock guitar app, play guitar on your phone wherever you are, and enjoy high quality sounding which was previously available only to professionals!

【免費音樂App】Guitar Magic Play-APP點子

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