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【免費音樂App】Guitar Sim - Ambient-APP點子

If you really do love music and consider yourself as a meloman, music maniac and you have been looking for something special, new and original in the world of music creation then weve got the app just for you! For everyone who used to relax with the help of relaxing sounds, pleasant music and quite tunes!

Guitar Sim - Ambient melodies maker guitar simulator is a combination of traditional guitar and digital possibilities. Using this simple, but functional app you can easily paste relax sound effects. You can also use the features of a classic guitar. For example you can hold the chords or touch the strings. You can also record your own composition and share it with your friends!

Guitar Sim - Ambient relaxing music for sleeping creator:

【免費音樂App】Guitar Sim - Ambient-APP點子

- Great combination of classic guitar and digital features;

- Creative and original design;

【免費音樂App】Guitar Sim - Ambient-APP點子

- Easy-to-use gameplay;

- Free to use.

Start creating your own music and find your own style of playing with Guitar Sim - Ambient music maker guitar simulator. Dont forget to share it with your friends!

【免費音樂App】Guitar Sim - Ambient-APP點子

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