Gulf x2

【免費解謎App】Gulf x2-APP點子

It is the simple card game for one person created for tablet terminals (for Honeycomb).

It is a game which removes all of the tableau of eight rows.

If the top of a tableau has a card of +1 or -1 of the numerical value of the card of a foundation, it can touch and remove the card.

The removed card becomes a new foundation.

【免費解謎App】Gulf x2-APP點子

Next, remove a card on the basis of the new foundation.

If you touch a stock, one card will be turned over from a stock and it will become a new foundation.

If all tableaus can be removed by the time all the cards of a stock are lost, it will advance to the next stage.

Although created for a tablet terminal, the limit is removed so that the play of those other than a tablet terminal may also be made.

However, since it will very be hard to play if screen size is small, please play at a tablet terminal.

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