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Get ready to start shooting some virtual guns. This app lets you try 35 different guns and weapons in augmented reality and you can even shoot some zombies! This is not just another gun game with a camera background. As you move your device, different objects will move in and out of view, while your guns remain centered. If you take a look at your feet through your device, you'll see all of your spent ammo casings from your gun. This augmented reality gun game provides a fun way to kill some time or just check out some guns!

There are two game modes you can choose. Freeshoot allows you to pick some guns and start shooting. If you want some practice with your guns, try the Target mode. You'll first need to use the target editor to place/rotate some targets around your environment. There are several options of targets for you to shoot your gun at, from normal shooting targets to zombies! Once you have some targets set up, you can use your guns to shoot the targets. As you move your camera around, the targets you set up should go in and out of view on your device, creating an augmented reality effect. There are also some hidden targets that you can unlock.

There are several options you can choose from to change the effects of your guns. There are three impact types, normal holes, explosive rounds, and blood. If you play long enough, you might unlock a fourth effect. You can also choose whether you want to hold your gun in the right or left hand, or you can even dual wield guns.

You can try 35 different guns and weapons. The guns are separated into categories based on the type of weapon it is. There are assault rifles, handguns, sub-machine guns, shotguns, and special weapons. There is also a hidden special weapon that you can unlock!

Assault Rifles:

AK47, Gewehr, M4 Carbine, MP40, P90, SCAR, STG, TYPE95, UMP45, WZ96


【免費娛樂App】Guns AR Free-APP點子

Beretta, Browning, Colt 1911, Colt Anaconda, Desert Eagle, Flintlock, Glock, Luger, P38, Wist94

Sub-machine Guns:

KEDR, MAC10, MAC11, MP5N, TEC9, Uzi


Benelli, FN Tactical, Remington, Sawed-Off, Custom


M79, Launcher 1, Launcher 2, RPG (Hidden)

Each gun has its own unique set of stats. Some guns may recoil less than others, and some guns will shoot faster than others. When you are not in dual wield mode, you can also aim, giving you much better accuracy. When your gun is out of bullets, you might notice that some guns reload fast while other guns take a while. There is a wide variety of guns for you try.

The guns in this game make some very realistic gun sounds. When you fire your gun, different gun shots are heard based on the type of gun you are using. If the gun is reloading, it will produce a sound that sounds just like a real gun being reloaded. As your bullet casings hit the ground, you'll be able to hear each of them.

【免費娛樂App】Guns AR Free-APP點子

This augmented reality gun game is a great app to have some fun with your friends. Shoot your guns at them in freeshoot mode or see who's better at hitting targets with your guns.

More guns and targets will be added in future updates. More zombie types will be added for you to shoot your guns at, since that's always fun! Invisible objects will be added so you can turn real world objects into targets!

Extra Info:

- Zombie's spawn out of the box you place in target edit mode, guns have no effect on the box

- Balloon spawns work the same way as zombie spawns

- Explosive targets never disappear when you shoot them with your gun

- You can change several settings in the options menu

【免費娛樂App】Guns AR Free-APP點子

- Don't forget to save after setting up your targets

【免費娛樂App】Guns AR Free-APP點子

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