Gyro Galaxy

【免費街機App】Gyro Galaxy-APP點子

You always wish someone to get you on your destination rather than struggling harder. Fortunately, "Gyro Galaxy" brings an amazing trip to lift you towards your goal beating the massive slopes behind.

Now experience to roll in galaxy towards your goal. You are now in a Galaxy at least for a while you feel you are in air. So have a fun tour in galaxy with “Gyro Galaxy”.

Very simple, easy to play with acceleration and two buttons. Collect stars, escape from black evil star and get tiny ride with booster.

Also available for iOS


1. Easy to balance with device acceleration.

2. Beware of slopes and gaps in-between the tracks.

3. Take help of boosters to pass out massive hills.

【免費街機App】Gyro Galaxy-APP點子

4. Solve puzzles of boxes.

5. Don't collect the Evil (Black Star).

6. Use bottom right button to move fast and save time.

7. Use bottom left button to brake the ball

【免費街機App】Gyro Galaxy-APP點子

8. Beautiful graphics and tracks.

User interface compatibility with:

1) HTC Desire & Legend

2) Nexus One

3) Moto Droid

【免費街機App】Gyro Galaxy-APP點子

4) Galaxy Tab

【免費街機App】Gyro Galaxy-APP點子

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