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The first shopping list app for the HCG Diet is here! Have you been wondering what foods to buy for the weight-loss and maintenance phases of the HCG diet? Now you can have a list of them at your fingertips.

【免費健康App】HCG Complete-APP點子

This easy to use shopping list will help guide you with our suggested grocery items for your HCG diet.

【免費健康App】HCG Complete-APP點子

* Categorized list to organize fruits, vegetables, proteins, starches, etc.

* Single tap on an item to add or remove it from the cart.

【免費健康App】HCG Complete-APP點子

* Add your own items to the lists or hide items you will never buy.

* Single tap at the top of the screen to switch between Weight-Loss and Maintenance phase lists.

【免費健康App】HCG Complete-APP點子

* Cart items marked as not in cart automatically moved to the top of the list so you can see what you still need to pick up.

【免費健康App】HCG Complete-APP點子

This extensive list reflects our recommendations to help you make wise decisions during the weight-loss and maintenance phases of your diet. Please consult your doctor before beginning any diet program and follow your doctor's recommendations.

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