HDI: Human Development Index

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Human Development Index (HDI) app. A great reference for the latest HDI and world/country facts (HDI growth, IHDI - inequality, gender inequality, GDI - gender development, poverty, health, education, economy, public spending, social, security, international integration, environment, population and satisfaction) of the world.

Good to travel abroad as well as to increase your knowledge of your country and the world out there. Get to know the world you live! Made for smartphones and tablets.

COUNTRIES – All United Nations (UN) member states, data for 196 countries of the world


Indexes and components

・Life expectancy index

・Education index

・Income index

・Mean and expected years of schooling

・GNI (gross national income) per capita




・Quintile & Palma ratio

・Gini coefficient

・Inequality-adjusted indexes

Gender inequality

【免費書籍App】HDI: Human Development Index-APP點子

・GII & GII rank

・Maternal mortality rate

・Adolescent fertility rate

・Women in parliament

・Men and women with secondary education

・Labour force

Gender development

・GDI & GDI rank

・Life expectancy




・Multidim. poverty index

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・Pop. in poverty

・Pop. near poverty

・Contribution of deprivation to poverty

・Pop. below income poverty line

Health (Children, Youth)

・Infants breastfed

・Immunization for DTP & Measles

・Underweight & overweight children


・Infant & Under-five mortality rate


・Condom use

【免費書籍App】HDI: Human Development Index-APP點子

・HIV-pos./mother-to-child transmission

Health (Adult)

・Adult mortality rate

・Alcohol & drug use



・Life expectancy

・Health expenditure



・Literacy rate

・Pop. with secondary education

・Gross enrollment ratio (primary, secondary, tertiary)

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・Trained teachers

・Performance in reading, mathematics & science

・Dropout rate

・Expenditure on education

Economy and Public Spending

・GDP (gross domestic product)

・GDP per capita

・Fixed capital formation

・Consumer price index (inflation)

・Domestic food: Price level & volatility indexes

・Government expenditure

・Taxes on incomes, profits and capital gain

【免費書籍App】HDI: Human Development Index-APP點子

・Domestic credit

・Total & External debt


・Employment to pop. ratio

・Youth unemployment

・Child labour

・Old age pension

・Paid maternity leave

・Birth registration

・Suicide rate




【免費書籍App】HDI: Human Development Index-APP點子

・Internally displaced

・Orphane children

・Prison pop.


・Food deficit

・Homicide rate

・Justification of wife beating

International integration


・Foreign investment

・Private capital flows

・Official development assistance

【免費書籍App】HDI: Human Development Index-APP點子

・Inflow/outflow remittances

・Total reserves

・Net migration rate



・International phone traffic

・Internet users


・Fossil and renewable fuel usage

・Electrification rate

・Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions

・Natural resources

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・Forest area

・Fresh water

・Deaths of under-five due to pollution & unsafe water/unimproved sanitation/poor hygiene

・Pop. affected by natural disasters

・Degraded land


・Total/estimated population

・Under-five & over 65 pop.

・Annual growth

・Urban pop.

・Median age

・Dependency ratio

【免費書籍App】HDI: Human Development Index-APP點子

・Fertility rate

・Sex ratio at birth



・Health care

・Standard of living



・Freedom of choice

・Overall life

・Local labour market

・Trust in people

【免費書籍App】HDI: Human Development Index-APP點子


・Trust in national government


・Human Development Index is a good reference to use statistics when comparing countries and preparing your trip

・Lots of official data, statistics and country facts to increase your knowledge of the world

・Some data (Human Development Index and components) is available offline, good for your trip

・Latest and accurate data is guaranteed as all data is from United Nations Development Programme

・Education, Health and Social indicators that really affect your life in your country and when travelling abroad


The HDI is a statistic of life expectancy, education, and income indices used to rank countries into tiers of human development. It is an official data published by UNDP.

【免費書籍App】HDI: Human Development Index-APP點子

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