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HPLC Simulator is a sophisticated (Ultra) High-Performance Liquid Chromatography simulator for your phone or tablet. Explore a wide range of chromatographic parameters and see their effects on a simulated chromatogram.

For both advanced and novice users - play with it for a little while and you're bound to learn something new. The HPLC Simulator also makes a great reference while you're working on a real system. Use it to estimate backpressure, dead time, and other experimental parameters.

Features controls for:

- Isocratic and gradient elution modes

- Organic modifier (acetonitrile or methanol)

- Temperature

- Injection volume

- Flow rate

【免費工具App】HPLC Simulator-APP點子

- Particle size

- Column length and diameter

- Detector time constant

- Noise level

- Interparticle and intraparticle porosity

- Reduced van Deemter terms

【免費工具App】HPLC Simulator-APP點子

- Sample composition (22 compounds to choose from)

- Non-mixing gradient delayvolume (in gradient mode)

- Mixing dwell volume (in gradient mode)

- Post-column tubing

Also features indicators for:

- Flow velocity (open tube, interstitial, chromatographic, and reduced)

- Total porosity

【免費工具App】HPLC Simulator-APP點子


- Reduced plate height

- Number of theoretical plates

- Backpressure

- Eluent viscosity

- Average analyte diffusion coefficient

【免費工具App】HPLC Simulator-APP點子

- Void volume

- Void time

- Retention factor of each solute

- Retention time of each solute

- Peak width of each solute

- Solvent composition at the column inlet

【免費工具App】HPLC Simulator-APP點子

- Retention factor as a function of time

- Position of a selected compound along the column

【免費工具App】HPLC Simulator-APP點子

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