HVAC Buddy® Refrigerant Press

【免費商業App】HVAC Buddy® Refrigerant Press-APP點子

Refrigerant PT Chart

• 75 Refrigerants

• Pressure Units psig/inHg, kPag, kPa, psig, psia, atm, inHg, MPa, barg, bara

• Temp Units °F, °C, Kelvin

Temperature Tab

• 1 °F Temperature increments

• Bubble and Dew Pressures on same line

Pressure Tab

• 1 psi Pressure increments

• Bubble and Dew Temperatures on same line

Settings Tab

【免費商業App】HVAC Buddy® Refrigerant Press-APP點子

• Select Pressure Units

• Select Temperature Units

• Select Refrigerants

• Refrigerant Properties

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