HVAC Toolbox

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HVAC Toolbox is a collection of Apps for process engineers, thermal engineers, sales engineers, field technicians, maintenance consultants, and other professionals who deal with HVAC applications.

Each of the Apps has been designed for a specific task, and is super simple, super convenient to use. No complicated input pages and no cluttered output results.

Current version of HVAC Toolbox includes the following Apps:

• Unit Eng: Unit converter specifically customized for HVAC engineers

• Psychrometric Calc: Quick calculator for moist air at any operating pressure

【免費工具App】HVAC Toolbox-APP點子

• SCFM-ACFM Converter: Bidirectional conversion between ACFM and SCFM

• Pipe Dim: Pipe dimension lookup for OD, ID, Internal volume from a list of NPS pipe sizes and schedules

【免費工具App】HVAC Toolbox-APP點子

• Standard Atmosphere: Determine pressure and temperature at different altitude

• Fouling on U: Calculate impact of fouling factor on U value of a heat exchanger

【免費工具App】HVAC Toolbox-APP點子

• Flow V: Calculate average fluid velocity through pipes or HVAC nozzles

• Pipe DP: Calculate pressure drop through pipes for fully developed flow with a convenient lookup feature for standard pipes and specified surface roughness

【免費工具App】HVAC Toolbox-APP點子

• Valve DP: Calculate pressure drop through valves and fittings with a convenient lookup feature for standard pipes

• Pumping Power: Calculate pumping power and motor power based on static and dynamic pressure drop

【免費工具App】HVAC Toolbox-APP點子

• Thermal Expansion: Estimate linear or volumetric thermal expansion with a convenient lookup feature for commonly used materials

Advantages of buying HVAC Toolbox:

• Having all commonly used Apps organized together within a single App

• Great saving compared with buying Apps individually.

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