Half and Half Live Wallpaper

【免費個人化App】Half and Half Live Wallpaper-APP點子

Formerly TDC Live Wallpaper

Half and Half is a live wallpaper that consists of a divided background with two colors and two lines of text. As you swipe through home screens, the background rotates and scrolls (optional). It is fully customizable with a ton of options to make it look and feel just the way you want.

Key features:

- Customize colors with HSV, RGB, and Hex options for matching themes

【免費個人化App】Half and Half Live Wallpaper-APP點子

- Customize text with time, date, day of week, or your own message

- Automatically adjust colors based on battery level

【免費個人化App】Half and Half Live Wallpaper-APP點子

- Automatically adjust background contrast height based on batter level

- Text shadows with customizable colors

【免費個人化App】Half and Half Live Wallpaper-APP點子

- Choose from 3 included fonts or use your own

- Multiple time and date formats

【免費個人化App】Half and Half Live Wallpaper-APP點子

- Optional 3D rotation and scrolling

I plan to keep this updated with new features but if you have suggestions or requests don't hesitate to email me. Also feel free to report any issues you may come across.

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【免費個人化App】Half and Half Live Wallpaper-APP點子

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