Halloween JellyBean UCCW Skin

【免費個人化App】Halloween JellyBean UCCW Skin-APP點子

Before proceeding with the download of this issue for the application UCCW read the following:


-UCCW (Ultimate Custom Clock Widget) http://goo.gl/TZgw0

is recommended to use with alternative launcher (Nova, Go, Apex ...) that allow the user a better management of position and resize widgets.


Download Halloween-UCCW skin.

【免費個人化App】Halloween JellyBean UCCW Skin-APP點子

-After the installation add a new widget on your homepage.

-Select UCCW (recommended size 3x3 or 4x4)

-Select the skin from the package Skins Halloween

【免費個人化App】Halloween JellyBean UCCW Skin-APP點子

-Change the Hotspots at will.

Skin is a Halloween theme consists of 3 widget:

-A Halloween JellyBean pumpkin showing the time with 2 customizable hotspots.

-A Ghost that displays the date with 2 customizable hotspots.

【免費個人化App】Halloween JellyBean UCCW Skin-APP點子

-A witch's hat that shows the temperature and using an image in background

  depicts the current weather conditions ,with other 2 hotspots.

Hotspot mode on / off, unit of measure, geolocation, weather service and its update frequency can be set from within the UCCW.

【免費個人化App】Halloween JellyBean UCCW Skin-APP點子

For inquiries, problems encountered write a review or send me an email.

Note: Contact by email for support if you are among the people who use the version of Android 4.1.2 or higher, and the application turns out to be not installed.

【免費個人化App】Halloween JellyBean UCCW Skin-APP點子

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