Your favorite money-saving app just made it to Android!


Discover and redeem great deals at businesses around your campus with our free, easy-to-use app.

- Save Money: Enter a whole new world of exclusive Hallspot deals going on right now in your area.

- Best Spots: Hallspot works with the best local bars and restaurants to score you deals around campus.

- Easy to use: Find, flash, and redeem a deal in seconds. It’s that easy.


Key features of our mobile apps for students and their real world utility:

- Real-time deals: Find a spot to save instantly with access to deals currently going on around you.

- Deal calendar: Scope out deals set for the upcoming week as well as those happening right now.

- Interactive map: Explore your campus area by using our map to navigate to the closest deals.

- Exclusivity: Score deals that are only available on Hallspot.

- Location awareness: Be notified if you're in range of an ongoing deal at your favorite location.


Currently available at these schools:

- University of Oregon

Coming soon to these schools:

- Oregon State University

- University of California, Berkeley

- Gonzaga University

- Portland State University

- Arizona State University

- University of Washington

- Chico State University

New schools added year-round!


Location - So you can find yourself on the map, check if you're within range to redeem a deal, and check if there's any deals near you

Photos/Media/Files - For caching map and image data (you can delete this data at any time)

Other - To allow for internet access

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