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HandyMobile Pro for iPhone 是一款支持网络功能牙科管理软件。产品功能:1.病人管理:显示所有病人和图像,支持添加、修改、搜索及删除功能2.获取图像:支持导入本地图片,摄像头拍摄3.图像操作:查看,缩放,旋转及处理图片功能,包括调整亮度,负片,着色等4.支持离线操作已经数据同步了解更多信息,请访问:www.handycreate.comHandyMobile Pro for iPhone is a dental management software with network.Product Features: 1 Patient Management: show all patients and images to support add, modify, search and delete functions 2.Image acquisition: support for import local image, camera shot, sensors, and endoscope image acquisition function3 Image operation:view, zoom, rotation and image processing functions, including adjusting the brightness, color negative, etc.4 Offline operation and data synchronization.For more information, please visit: www.handycreate.com

【免費醫療App】HandyMobile Pro for iPhone-APP點子

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