Hanging Cheat for Friends

【免費拼字App】Hanging Cheat for Friends-APP點子

MAJOR UPDATE: Now with Overlay mode!

Hanging Helper for Friends is the first and best Hanging with Friends cheat on Android, and it's FREE. Get it today!

【免費拼字App】Hanging Cheat for Friends-APP點子

Have you ever been stumped at a game of hangman? Of course you have, but we can keep that secret safe. Download Hanging Helper for Friends and get the help you've been looking for. Features include:

Features include:

【免費拼字App】Hanging Cheat for Friends-APP點子

★NEW! Overlay mode lets you use the helper and play the game at the same time.

★Super fast searches!

【免費拼字App】Hanging Cheat for Friends-APP點子

★Supports "Hanging with Friends," "Hangman" by Optime Software, and "Hangman Classic."

★Fast switching between the game and our helper with one button press, or from the status bar icon.

【免費拼字App】Hanging Cheat for Friends-APP點子

This app is in no way associated with Zynga, Inc, makers of the popular game Hanging With Friends.

【免費拼字App】Hanging Cheat for Friends-APP點子

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