Hangman (ImHangedMan)

【免費拼字App】Hangman (ImHangedMan)-APP點子

Hangman is one of the classic games, where you have to guess words. You can play alone in several categories that are listed below or against an opponent.

--- Categories ---

Game consists of several categories:

- Animals

【免費拼字App】Hangman (ImHangedMan)-APP點子

- Countries

- Capitals

- Car Brands

【免費拼字App】Hangman (ImHangedMan)-APP點子

- Fruits

--- 1 against 1 ---

In this game mode Player 1 types a word or multiple words and Player 2 guesses the word. Next round Player 2 types a word and Player 1 guesses it. Points are collected each round and saved at the end of the game, so you can continue playing the saved game. You can also start a completely new game. Played/Saved games can be found under the heading 1 vs 1.

--- Languages ---

Game includes multiple languages​​, in which the words are also translated :)

--- Questions / Suggestions ---

【免費拼字App】Hangman (ImHangedMan)-APP點子

For questions, suggestions or improvements you can contact me via email.

Have fun! :D

【免費拼字App】Hangman (ImHangedMan)-APP點子

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