Hangman Led Zeppelin Trivia

【免費音樂App】Hangman Led Zeppelin Trivia-APP點子

Hangman-the classical paper and pencil guessing game-on the Ipad with a twist.

This hangman game deals with the popular 70s band "Led Zeppelin".

【免費音樂App】Hangman Led Zeppelin Trivia-APP點子

Queen are a British rock band consisting of Robert Plant (lead vocals), Jimmy Page (guitar), John Paul Jones (bass guitar),

and John Bonham (drums).

【免費音樂App】Hangman Led Zeppelin Trivia-APP點子

Think you know all about "Led Zeppelin", the originator of Heavy Metal?

Discover some Fun Facts, discography/track names and album information while playing this fun game.

This app was developed with adobe flash. A free download of adobe air is required.

Android Requirement for Adobe Air

【免費音樂App】Hangman Led Zeppelin Trivia-APP點子

1. Android™ 2.3 and above

2. ARMv7 processor with vector FPU, minimum 550MHz, OpenGL ES 2.0, H.264 and AAC HW decoders

【免費音樂App】Hangman Led Zeppelin Trivia-APP點子

3. 256MB of RAM

【免費音樂App】Hangman Led Zeppelin Trivia-APP點子

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