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Did you drink one drink too many at the bar and you are not sure when you sober up? Or would you like to have one more but you are not certain that you are in a good shape in the morning.

This is no longer a problem since Happy Drink Counter is here. Happy Drink Counter keeps track of every drink that you have had and it calculates an estimate when you will be fully sober. You just need to click on a drink on Happy Drink Counter whenever you take a drink and then Happy Drink Counter will give you real time information about your blood alcohol level.

Happy Drink Counter has the following features:

- Happy Drink Counter calculates blood alcohol level based on gender and weight. It also displays real time information about alcohol burn time.

- Happy Drink Counter includes several different drinks/shots and user can create own mystery drinks.

【免費生活App】Happy Drink Counter-APP點子

- Drinks can be drunk by double tapping or touch and holding the drink icon. This feature reduces clicking errors while drunk.

- Program supports kilograms and pounds. For female users the program has a lock that hides the weight of the user from the main page.

- The program warns about dangers of drinking too much.


【免費生活App】Happy Drink Counter-APP點子

The results that are generated in Happy Drink Counter are rough estimates of an average healthy person assuming typical beverage sizes, recipes and alcohol content. The Happy Drink Counter achohol blood content estimates generated by the Happy Drink Counter should not be used to infer anyone's fitness to work, drive or perform any other task or duty.

【免費生活App】Happy Drink Counter-APP點子

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