#Notes (HashNotes) is a simple, different but efficient Notepad Application (Notes)

It is flexible,very easy to use and adjustable to your own unique needs..Can be used to store/save all kind of notes needed in everyday file, all in one application!

Diary,memo writing,email,message,shopping list,todo list, payment list, due list and all kinds of useful notes can be organized in a way that works!


All Notes are categorized and searched by using hashtags! (Words which start with a "#") , for example a hashtag is #twitter or #Notes

While we type in our notes,anywhere we want in its body, we type its tags to categorize it. Multiple tags can be used in the same note

Example Note



Serviced my #car, i paid 100$, they told me soon i have to change my tires..

#service #todo #20130819


The above note, is tagged with #car, #service,#todo, #20130819 and can be searched throughout all notes by using those hashtags.


When we want to see notes relating with car, we use #car to find them.

If we want more specific search, like when did we service our car, we use both tags (#car #service)

If we search for #todo, then the message will appear again!

Changing Password :

Open preferences,type in the password the word "pass" (without the quotes) , then press blue tick.

After, type new pass, press blue tick,type again the same pass and press the blue tick.

When you open the application again, the app, the new password should be set !:)

*Features #Notes

-Organize notes by multiple hashtags

-Maximum 100 different hashtags in each note

-Service Mode

-Black & White Theme


-Two Design Interfaces

-Relative Notes (When user reads a note, by pressing the LINK button, all similar notes appear!)

-HTML View

-GroupTags (combining many tags into one grouptag)

-AND/OR operator in searching through hashtags

-ASC/DEC (Sort Notes by Ascending or Descending Order Creation Date)

-ASC/DEC (Sort Notes by Title Alphabetical order)

-Accurate/Not Accurate Search

-Spinner to select HashTags from..

-#lock HashTag (Locks the note,needs password to open)


-#alert HashTag (Displays the note, when application opens)

-#R130829 HashTag (Displays the note,when application opens IF date is 29/08/13

-#R130829-XX HashTag (Note will appear on notelist when application opens ,XX days before 29/08/13 and every day until 29/08/13)

-#R130829+XX HashTag (Note will appear on notelist when application opens,every day starting from 29/08/13, for XX further days!

-Rmon HashTag (Note will appear on notelist only in Mondays) (other are mon tue wed..etc)

-Rsep HashTag (Note will appear on notelist only during Semtember) (other are feb,mar,apr,jun etc..)

-Auto#Date (Adds automatically date hashtag when note is created or modified

-Save Database (Save Database to external Card, backup)

-Load Database (Load Database from the external Card)

-New Database (Starts a new clean database)


-Change Master Password (Default is "pass")

-Export from #Notes to Text Files

-Import from text files to #Notes

-#live (make a note to open a website)

Ability to receive notes/e-mails :) Instead of typing a note with your phone, write the note in Gmail, and sent it from your pc :) (or share your note with someone else)

Smart HashTags

- #lock (Locks the note,needs password to open)

- #alert HashTag (Displays the note, when application open)

- #R(date) (example #R290813)

- #R(date)-XX (example #R130830-02)

- #R(date)+XX (example #R130830+02)


-#R(day) (example #Rwed)

-#R(month) (example #Raug)

-#(grouptag) (example #(family) (warning it needs parenthesis!)

hashtags #hashtags



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