Haunted Pumpkin

【免費動作App】Haunted Pumpkin-APP點子

The scarecrow has come to life!

...or at least its head. Guide the haunted pumpkin through difficult obstacles in Original mode and see how far you can get, or play the unique Countdown mode and try to get to the finish line!

Game Features:

【免費動作App】Haunted Pumpkin-APP點子

- Simple controls. Tap the screen to keep the pumpkin up.

- Original mode: Guide the pumpkin through an endless haunted maze of obstacles.

【免費動作App】Haunted Pumpkin-APP點子

- Countdown mode: Guide the pumpkin through varying difficulties of obstacles until you reach the finish line.

Future Features:

- Leaderboards

【免費動作App】Haunted Pumpkin-APP點子

- Updated visuals

- Additional difficulties

【免費動作App】Haunted Pumpkin-APP點子

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