The Headache Diary was written to help keep track of your headaches and what might be causing them. The main screen displays all your headaches in descending order along with the number of days sense your last headache. From the menu button you can add a headache to the database, backup / restore the database, print charts, and change preferences.

The application tracks the duration ,severity, symptoms, factors and the food or drink taken before your headache. Medication and relief are also tracked.

The charts dialog lets you choose several ways analyze your headaches. You can display charts showing Severity, Frequency, Symptoms, and Days without a Headache.

The backup / restore function let you backup or restore the database from your sd card or your dropbox account.

The preferences dialog lets you choose the default order of the data on the main screen, whether to backup / restore from your dropbox account, and the default values for the charts.





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