Health Tracker: Diabetes

【免費醫療App】Health Tracker: Diabetes-APP點子

One of the fastest and most customizable diabetes log book app and more with OnTrack Diabetes import and web report generation that you can email or save with ease.

Finally a graph done right, use top notch fully multitouch interactive charts with smooth zooming. Zoom, pan, swing, fling and create/email report exactly from what you see. Multiple chart series and Y axes support.

Customize everything including units, with automatic unit conversion. Only your imagination is the limit!

No other app has the custom made Combobox UI technology, no other app has the chart template builder.*

★ Unique intuitive streamlined data input: just tap Log Entry and pick a category from the slider

【免費醫療App】Health Tracker: Diabetes-APP點子

Customize categories and subcategories on-the-fly and choose from 250! colorful icons for them.

★ The form adapts to you, learns automatically what type of data you like to enter and put those to the top of the lists.

Calculator at hand, you can write eg. 1/3+5*6.4-6 in entry fields.

★ Present your data as you like it, zoomable and scrollable Android chart with fully customizable content.

Create and email report in beautiful hi resolution picture right from your chart as you see it

【免費醫療App】Health Tracker: Diabetes-APP點子

Data timeline for editing with extreme value highlighting, with infinite scroll support

★ Nowhere to be found world class features like dynamic timeline layout and full seamless text search/filter for it.

★ Because one size does not fit all, you can chose your fontsize in the preferences.

★ Edit categories, subcategories to modify high-low ranges, extreme values.

Define measures yourself and add multipliers between them. When showing/reporting data an automatic conversion is done for you!

【免費醫療App】Health Tracker: Diabetes-APP點子

It is currently free, with no ads and privacy breaching shenanigans. I remade the whole UI for maximum usability, I barely use off the shelf components. Needless to say It has been a hell a lot of work. Please rate it if you like it, since that is the only "payment" we accept!:)

You are free to track anything you want, for example you could track spending too

1.) Just add private/business expenses context

2.) Add categories like office materials, food (there is a medications category already) etc.

3.) Add the dollar as quantity


【免費醫療App】Health Tracker: Diabetes-APP點子

4.) Profit from custom charts, data export.

Log blood pressure, carbs, medication, meds, excercises, spending... It logs anything you like.

*Probably because it was hell a lot of work to make them!:)

I am looking for partners . Currently I have at least 6 world class features that were really hard and time consuming to make and therefore none of my competitors have them:

【免費醫療App】Health Tracker: Diabetes-APP點子

-combobox ui

-graph template builder

-smooth zooming and flinging in graph

-Dynamic infinite scrollable timeline.

-Full text search and filter that is fast even for a handy.

【免費醫療App】Health Tracker: Diabetes-APP點子

-Bayesian suggestion model

email me at:

However even the best product needs good marketing for success as you can see from my unjust low ranking. Therefore there is a huge arbitrage on the marketing front right now. Also looking for a web platform for my app.

【免費醫療App】Health Tracker: Diabetes-APP點子

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