Heart ECG ExerciseBook - Full

【免費醫療App】Heart ECG ExerciseBook - Full-APP點子

***** ECG ExerciseBook *****

After the big success of Heart ECG HandBook, here it is Heart ECG ExerciseBook!

After studied various ECG in your HandBook, download your personal ExerciseBook with Stats function to better your knowledge step by step!

【免費醫療App】Heart ECG ExerciseBook - Full-APP點子

Choice among three different levels of difficulty and test your skills: Easy for begginners, Medium for advanced and Hard for experts. What level your kwnoledge corresponding to? Discover it

60 different quiz and tests, 20 for level (soon new tests available!) with different answers.

A lot of quiz are related to ECG charts, to better and maximize your learning.

***** Main Features *****

【免費醫療App】Heart ECG ExerciseBook - Full-APP點子

- Three difficulty level

- ECG chart for numerous quiz

- Stats function to better your learning

【免費醫療App】Heart ECG ExerciseBook - Full-APP點子

- Chart for each Quiz: is some quiz hard?

- Big quiz database (60 different quiz), ever updated, divided by level

- Suitable function to see quiz individually

Features above and more others: download it now!

Note: this App doesn’t claim to be a medical application.

【免費醫療App】Heart ECG ExerciseBook - Full-APP點子

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