Heart Failure Trials

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Finally, a way to keep up to date with clinical trials in heart failure! Used by thousands of satisfied customers across the world, Heart Failure Trials (CHF Trials) is available for Android™ platforms as well as the iPhone®, iTouch®, and iPad®.

See for yourself why iMedicalApps.com has called heart failure trials "a must have app for anyone that manages heart failure patients."

Heart Failure Trials puts you in control of heart failure research with up to date evidence based medicine. Heart Failure Trials was designed and written by David Majure, MD MPH, a heart failure cardiologist trained at the University of California, San Francisco, and The Johns Hopkins Hospital and member of the Heart Failure and Transplant Medicine Education Workforce of the International Society of Heart and Lung Transplantation. Dr. Majure strives to keep the database up to date with expert opinion that puts each trial in context.

Current subjects include:


• Beta-Blockers

• Aldosterone Receptor Blockers

• Direct Renin Inhibitors

• Vasodilators

• Phosphodiesterase-5 Inhibitors

• Inotropes/Inodilators

• Diuretics

• Vasopressin Receptor Blockers

• Sinus Node Inhibitors

• Calcium Channel Blockers

• Antiarrhythmics

• Antithrombotics

• Atrial Fibrillation

• Statins

• Fish Oil (n-3 PUFA)

• Anemia and Iron Therapy


【免費醫療App】Heart Failure Trials-APP點子


• Surgical Therapy

• Cell Therapy

• Pulmonary Artery Catheters

• Telemonitoring

• Ultrafiltration

• Non-Invasive Ventilation

• BNP-Guided Therapy

• Exercise-Therapy

• Counseling

Update section alerts you to new trial additions and updates to existing trial commentary.

Each entry contains:

• Important points

• Links to study PDFs and PubMed abstracts

• Trial purpose

• Inclusion and exclusion criteria

• Methods and procedures

• Baseline characteristics

• Baseline therapy

• Primary and secondary outcomes with RRR, ARR, and NNT

• Applicable ACCF/AHA and ESC guidelines

【免費醫療App】Heart Failure Trials-APP點子

• Detailed references to guide further reading

Key Words: Cardiology, ISHLT, ESC, ACC, AHA, Heart Failure, CHF, Clinical Trials, Medicine

【免費醫療App】Heart Failure Trials-APP點子

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