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Heart Watcher is a Android application which monitors Bluetooth LE devices for heart rate and allows the user to view their current heart rate, a graph of their previous heart rate, as well as an overview of stats.

It also supports on-disk logging for performing long term analysis of your heart.

It was originally designed for the Alpha Mio heart rate watch but should support any watch that supports Bluetooth LE including heart rate straps.

There are existing heart rate apps in the app store but I wanted a platform to play with sensors on the new Android Wear and Galaxy Gear devices.

I'm planning on iterating on Heart Watcher in the next few months as more devices ship with additional sensors. The first Android Wear watch with a heart rate sensor should be a ground breaker.


Monitor your current heart rate on any BLE heart rate device

The current value is displayed at the top of the device.

Graph the history of your heart rate.

The last five minutes of your heart rate are displayed in the UI. If your rotate the device we zoom in to view the graph full screen.


We compute statistics of your heart rate on intervals for mean, median, min, and max.

Log all heart rate values to CSV for external analysis

If you're a data geek (like me) you will want to get a raw dump of your heart rate (and other) sensor data. If you enable this feature in settings, every time you monitor your heart a new file is created on your external SD card in the HeartWatcher directory.

【免費健康App】Heart Watcher-APP點子

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