Heartbeat Tracker

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With Heartbeat Tracker you can measure heart rate directly from heart by using your phone's microphone. During measurement heartbeats are drawn. After the heart rate is measured, corresponding simulated heartbeat can be listened. Measured heart rate can be saved to results. When saving the result, also location of measurement place can be saved to help later recalling of the measurement conditions. Graphs of measurements can be viewed.

A microphone is positioned like a stethoscope. A quiet environment is needed.

【免費健康App】Heartbeat Tracker-APP點子

Important note concerning the model of the phone:

So far most of the WP 7.8 reviews have been very positive whereas users have reported problems with all the WP8 phones containing several microphones with HAAC technology (Lumia 620, 720, 820, 920, HTC 8X etc.). However, weak heartbeat can be detected with those phones if heart rate is measured with the top microphone. Try Heartbeat Tracker with your phone and give feedback. It should not take many seconds to find heartbeat. Trial version contains full functionality.

【免費健康App】Heartbeat Tracker-APP點子

V 1.6:

- Calibration tip added to new user

【免費健康App】Heartbeat Tracker-APP點子

- Removed special instruction for Lumia 520 and 521 users. Default instructions work fine with those phone models.

- Special instructions for Lumia 1320 and Lumia 1520 users

【免費健康App】Heartbeat Tracker-APP點子


+ Calibration to adjust microphone sensitivity according to the used phone

+ Live tile shows the last measurement

【免費健康App】Heartbeat Tracker-APP點子

+ Graphs of measurements

Compared to popular camera based heart rate measurement apps Heartbeat Tracker gives you:

【免費健康App】Heartbeat Tracker-APP點子

+ Camera lens stays clean

+ Visible heartbeats can be monitored

+ Audible heartbeat simulation is generated after the heart rate is measured (it is not real recording)

【免費健康App】Heartbeat Tracker-APP點子

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