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Better Heartbleed Detector can be used to determine whether or not your Android device is vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug in OpenSSL. This app works by determining your device's OpenSSL version and checking if heartbeat is enabled or not.

How does Heartbleed relate to mobile devices and apps?

OpenSSL is the most widely used crypto-library for encryption in mobile. OpenSSL library is embeded directly into Android, but is also implemented directly by app developers on both, Android and iOS. By our estimation, over a billion installed apps are exposed to this vulnerability.

For more information visit, http://bettermss.com/mobile-devices-heartbleed-bug/

Is my enterprise exposed to risk?

It’s very likely that apps within your enterprise, in-house or third party, are currently exposed and vulnerable.

What actions can I take?

For both, in-house and third party apps, the vulnerability needs to be patched and deployed on through respective app stores. Then your enterprise users need to update the apps.

【免費工具App】Heartbleed Detector-APP點子

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