Hearway Plus - Near You

【免費旅遊App】Hearway Plus - Near You-APP點子

Find interesting places in your audio landscapes.

Free your hands and your vision:

Hear your way to places near you such as restaurants, hotels and museums in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, UK, Italy and New York. Shake the phone to track a particular place you have found!

Super simple user interface.

1. Start the app.

2. Choose area of interest in the map.

【免費旅遊App】Hearway Plus - Near You-APP點子

3. Tap in the map to set a pin where to start finding places.

4. Tap again in the map to set the destination of your walk

5. Press the button Play Guide to start experiencing things in you audio landscape.

In the menu:

1. You can choose what language to use when listening to the audio landscapes.

2. You can choose what things you are interested in finding near you as you walk around in a city.

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