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【免費健康App】Heather Says - Fertility-APP點子

The Heather Says - Fertility app is the answer to all of your fertility questions – especially the tricky and less thought of ones. For example, why is my IVF not working? Also - why are miscarriages and chemical pregnancies happening? What can we do about the quality of the eggs and the sperm?

Created by Heather Bruce, she draws upon her experience from the last 37 years of working with couples through natural health and healing methods to achieve their fertility results.

Returning to nature, where the answers are, Heather offers solutions directed at improving the health and the vitality of the babies yet not conceived, as well as the parents to be.

The app includes information about:

• Making Babies

• Not Making Babies

• Improving Fertility

【免費健康App】Heather Says - Fertility-APP點子

• Medical Interventions

• Raw Ingredients

• Frequently Asked Questions

【免費健康App】Heather Says - Fertility-APP點子

• Infrequently Asked Questions


• Extensive links to further inspirational material (App is a navigation tool through Heather's nine sites, as well)

• Comprehensive safe, effective easy to follow advice in distilled form

• Encouragement and inspiration for worried men and women

【免費健康App】Heather Says - Fertility-APP點子

• Easy layout and search function to help you find information relevant to you.

Download this app today and enjoy a healthy, productive life!

【免費健康App】Heather Says - Fertility-APP點子

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