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【免費書籍App】Hebrew Calendar-APP點子

1.7.5 - Fixed a really bad leap year bug, apologies.

1.7.1 - Small bugfix for 10 Tevet showing up incorrectly

New in 1.7 - bugfixes, Chanukka tiles, performance improvements

New in 1.6 - small tile support for that awesome new tile size

New in 1.5 - we now have all of the major Jewish events (Chagim, Fast days etc) and Israeli days of note

(Independence day etc)

【免費書籍App】Hebrew Calendar-APP點子

This app is 100% free, purchase to support us :) Convenient Hebrew Calendar that you can use on the go to quickly

convert between English (Gregorian) and Hebrew dates (and vice versa). Change dates via regular date controls

(flick up and done on the component that you want to change, similar to changing the system date / time).

Pin this app to get a quick glance Hebrew date tile (front shows month icon and short date, back shows full form).

Feature suggestions? Bug reports? Drop us a line, directly from within the app.

【免費書籍App】Hebrew Calendar-APP點子

Unrestricted trial, with no ads.

Fixed a really bad bug that caused the app to display the wrong date on the live tile during leap years.

【免費書籍App】Hebrew Calendar-APP點子

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