Helidroid 3D : Helicopter RC

【免費模擬App】Helidroid 3D : Helicopter RC-APP點子

Take the Control of a little RC helicopter in your house !

Helidroid 3D is a realistic 3D game, which let you control a little RC helicopter in a house.

The first part takes place in a bedroom, where you have to accomplish 30 missions : At the beginning, there are only easy missions, like taking off from the bed and landing on the desk.

But step by step, the missions will become more and more complicated, and a lot of new toys will appear, like a car-circuit or an electronic-train...

When you finish the game, you become a real chopper pilot !


"Challenge Realistic Helicopter Simulator as A Real Pilot – AppEggs.com"


This game is a one-man developer production. It doesn't pretend to have the same finition as games made by profesionnals.

Indeed, if you notice some bugs, send me an email, and i will fix it as soon as possible !

Besides, if you have any idea of new missions, or any comments to make, thank you to sending me an email.

Helidroid 3D has been test on :

- Galaxy S1 and S2

- Galaxy Tab

- LG Optimus 2X

- Evo 3D

- Galaxy Mini

- Xperia Arc

Thank you to beta-tester !

Bonus :

- You can control the copter with a joystick or with the gyro.

- Real physics like a flight simulator or a air plane.

【免費模擬App】Helidroid 3D : Helicopter RC-APP點子

- In some stages, you have rocket and gun to launch missiles and destroy cancoke or cannons.

- Add shadows and dynamic camera

Recent changes:

****1.1.7 :

- Remove intrusive Permissions

- Add a cockpit view

****1.1.5 :

- Add a dynamic camera

- Add options about sound and music

****1.1.3 :

- Remove Ads during the game.

****1.1.0 :

- Add Helicopter Shadow

- Bug Correction

****1.0.12 :

- Add App to SD functionality

- New look and fell

- Add Options to mute

- Add vibration

- Correct the gyro's bug


- Remove the "Notification Spam"

【免費模擬App】Helidroid 3D : Helicopter RC-APP點子

Content rating: Everyone

【免費模擬App】Helidroid 3D : Helicopter RC-APP點子

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