Henry Blackstone Banning

【免費街機App】Henry Blackstone Banning-APP點子

Henry Blackstone Banning entertains endlessly while playing with explosive balls and chickens!

Move button is a slider joystick. Press and hold down the move button. Then slide it like a joystick to make Henry go.

Jump Button allows Henry to jump in the air when tapped.

The goal is to bounce balls off of the chickens to defeat them.

Don't touch the chickens with Henry or face DOOM!

The balls keep dropping every minute...And...Oh yeah...when two or more balls touch, THEY EXPLODE!

Intrepid cat, General Henry Blackstone Banning, defeats the chicken onslaught by bouncing balls off the chickens. Don't touch the chickens! Feathers, ball bounces, and defeated chickens grant points.

【免費街機App】Henry Blackstone Banning-APP點子

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