Ayurveda is the glorious heritage, wisdom of health, very much close to our life. It solves our health problems with gentle care. In this application, selected 18 health problems (which hares our day to day life) and their herbal remedies have been presented. We all should know about them. Information regarding such useful herbal remedies should be handy to every one. So that it can be applied whenever it is required . There is no other handy instrument than mobile phone in modern times, so every mobile phone should be uploaded with such useful application

In this application 18 diseases are divided system wise which are as follows


1. Skin Problems

2. Beauty Problems


3. Respiratory System Problem

4. General Problems


5. Digestive System Problems

6. Urinary System Problems


7. Male Reproductive System Problem

8. Female Reproductive System Problem


HerbalRemedies App Team has presented this useful information in such a lovely way that viewer will definitely enjoy and will be benefited with the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda. Various specialized application of health and yoga will be followed very soon……


Authors: Dr. Harish Thakkar(M.D Ayurveda) & Dr. Trupti Thakkar (B.A.M.S)

Development Team: Mr. Bhargav N. Trivedi (M.Sc. Mobile & Satellite Communications, UK) & Mr. Advait H. Thakkar (Flash Expert)


Testers Team: Dr. Harish Thakkar(M.D Ayurveda) & Mr. Nailesh S. Trivedi (Master of Public Administration)

Publisher: Mr. Bhargav N. Trivedi

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