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Heritage Experience - Paris Sud is an innovative digital cultural service dedicated to territory and heritage promotion. Thanks to an innovative iPhone application, Heritage Experience offers a sensitive reading and an interactive way to explore the territory, by accessing a set of tracked audiovisual contents in mobility (archives, users’ interviews, experts’ analysis, inhabitants' stories…).You do not have to shoot images or videos yourself: with this app, you will get an interactive and personal access to the audio-visual memory of the place you are going through... You hear your movie while walking, then you will be able to see it.Simply put on your earphones, launch Heritage Experience - Paris Sud and compose your own movie just by walking. Once your urban wandering ended, you can directly watch the generated movie within the app (note: wifi is required), give it a title and publish your walk to be able to see the resulting movie on the http://heritage-experience.fr/fr/ website.Heritage Experience - Paris Sud enables you to ‘walk a movie’ based on the shared audio-visual pieces that are virtually existing around us.You just walk through a neighborhood (in the south of Paris in this case) and our iPhone app tracks your progress and translates your itinerary into a story drawing from the multitude of virtual information held in the ‘augmented space’. All this in realtime!It’s great that videos, pictures and other data can be geolocalized thus creating an ‘augmented space’. But we are left to wonder… how can we turn this abundance of information into a story ? Can we build a narrative with all this geolocalized information ? How can we make a visit to this augmented space a more coherent and enriching experience ?The project is produced by Dédale http://www.dedale.info/, as part of the SmartCity European program http://www.smartcity.fr/, a laboratory on urban innovation, for creative and sustainable city. The first SmartCity experimentation takes place in the South of Paris, in partnership with La Cité internationale universitaire de Paris http://www.ciup.fr/ and C-Side Productions http://c-sideprod.ch/.Heritage Experience is funded by the Ministère de la culture et de la communication, in the framework of the call for projects « Digital cultural innovative services » - year 2010, and by the DICRéAM. It is developed in partnership with the National Audiovisual Institute.Heritage Experience © 2013 Dédale – Cité internationale universitaire de Paris – C-Side ProductionWeb : http://heritage-experience.fr

【免費生活App】Heritage Experience - Paris Sud-APP點子

【免費生活App】Heritage Experience - Paris Sud-APP點子

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