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********* INTRODUCTION***********

A princess was witchcrafted by a cruel witch and the witch locked her in a old castle in the deep forest. Prince Kevin will have to overcome the obstacles which was made by the cruel witch to rescue the princess


Game is totally free. Do you want to discover and get over the difficulties which the evil witch snared for the prince in going journey to rescue the beautiful princess?


♥High graphics and colorful images

♥Lovely and attractive sound effects

♥Feedback and friends-sharing functions included.

♥ 6 levels so you will never get bored! Nothing is difficult with you. Simply, you only must kill monsters by using the marical apples and gather the coins. The diamonds can help you collect money to buy the marical apples or buy life.

The game isn’t difficult to get over. Let try and experience now

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【免費角色扮演App】Hero Kevin-APP點子

【免費角色扮演App】Hero Kevin-APP點子

【免費角色扮演App】Hero Kevin-APP點子

【免費角色扮演App】Hero Kevin-APP點子

【免費角色扮演App】Hero Kevin-APP點子

【免費角色扮演App】Hero Kevin-APP點子

【免費角色扮演App】Hero Kevin-APP點子

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