Hero Ladybird HD

【免費街機App】Hero Ladybird HD-APP點子

This is a HD Game

It's challenging and puzzle mode, based on physics

Story of the Game :

A crazy man has caught so many "bee" and "butterfly" and put them in the bottles!!!! and they are going to die ...

BUT WAIT!!! Is that an Eagle ? Is that Ironman?

NO.... It is a 'Ladybird'!!! Our 'Hero' is here, the only one who can break the bottles and free the bugs .

So, hurry up and role as our hero ...

【免費街機App】Hero Ladybird HD-APP點子

Hero Ladybird FEATURES :

【免費街機App】Hero Ladybird HD-APP點子

- 45 Levels

- Magic tools for helping our Hero

【免費街機App】Hero Ladybird HD-APP點子

- Smooth GamePlay

- Funny voice

【免費街機App】Hero Ladybird HD-APP點子

- Beautiful music and dreamy artwork

- Many challenging and puzzling physics-based levels

【免費街機App】Hero Ladybird HD-APP點子

- Dramatic and dreamy art design which looks amazing on your device

- No advertisement

【免費街機App】Hero Ladybird HD-APP點子

- And more fun!

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