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【免費教育App】High School Math PRO-APP點子

Advantages of the PRO-Version:

-Access to all topics!

-Access to solutions of all math problems!


The perfect high school app for math which combines theory and practice!

【免費教育App】High School Math PRO-APP點子

• Detailed and colored Step by Step explanations and examples ensure a solid basis knowledge.

• Through switching between examples of numbers and parameters, you' ll master both types of math problems and lose the fear of evil letters in equations...

• Detailed information can be read in info boxes.

• After you understood the theory, you are able to solve math problems, which are available directly in the app.

• Handwritten solutions are available to control yourself. It also teaches you how to solve and write down the math problems what avoids you giving away points in the exams.

【免費教育App】High School Math PRO-APP點子

• Topics in the app: Differential- und Integral calculus, Solve Equations and System of linear Equations

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【免費教育App】High School Math PRO-APP點子

Topics: Quadratic Formula ; Substitution ; Zero Product Property ; Tangent ; Perpendicular ; Zeros of a Function ; Maxima ; Minima ; Turning Points ; Inflection Points ; Equation of a Curve ; Locus ; Intersection ; Y Intercept ; Solvability ; Put into Row Echelon Form ; Matrix

Tags: high school ; math ; maths ; mathematics ; explanation ; help ; derivative ; exact ; solution ; parameter ; Differentialcalculus ; calculus ; Integral ; Rules

【免費教育App】High School Math PRO-APP點子

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