High School Math

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Includes following tutorials:


Fractions and Decimal,


Exponents and Powers,


Simultaneous Linear Equations,

【免費書籍App】High School Math-APP點子

Ratio and Proportion,

Sequences and Series,



Line and Circle Graph,

Bar Graph,


【免費書籍App】High School Math-APP點子

Quadrilateral and Polygon,


Area and Perimeter,

Volume and Surface Area,

Measurement and Conversions,

Profits, Loss and Average,

Simple Interest,

【免費書籍App】High School Math-APP點子

Compound Interest,

Time and Distance,

Data Sufficiency.

Includes following Quizzes:

Quiz on Numbers

Quiz on Sets

Quiz on Simultaneous Linear Equations

Quiz on Sequences and series

【免費書籍App】High School Math-APP點子

Quiz on Probability

Quiz on Line and Circle Graphs

Quiz on Triangles

Quiz on Circles

Quiz on Area and Perimeter

Quiz on Volume and Surface Area

Quiz on Profit, Loss and Average

【免費書籍App】High School Math-APP點子

Quiz on Simple Interest

Quiz on Compound Interest

Quiz on Time and Distance

Quiz on Data Sufficiency

Includes following Flashcards:

Flash Cards on Arithmetic

Flash Cards on Algebra

Flash Cards on Probability and Statistics

Flash Cards on Geometry

【免費書籍App】High School Math-APP點子

Flash Cards on Word Problems

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【免費書籍App】High School Math-APP點子

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